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Inspired by the philosophical book “Demonic Grounds” by Katherine McKittrick, this concert aims to challenge dominant narratives that govern what can and can not be mapped.


It is a common belief that maps are unbiased, objective, and universally understood. However, this is not the case. The notion of geography is more than maps of land and water created by white colonizers hundreds of years ago. Geography is also how people navigate the world around them. It is about how different bodies occupy different spaces in different ways. Most importantly, geography is about how people map a certain form of existence worth documenting. 


In an attempt to capture this unique concept, the Adrianna Eve Choreography Company developed a concert made up of inspiring pieces, each representing the geography of a notion.


The Story

The "Ungeographic" showcase was schedule for May 3rd, 2020. In an effort to preserve the show, it was moved to August 9th, 2020. Unfortunately, one week prior to the show, we were forced to cancel due to COVID-19.

However, because we believe that art is not measured by completion but by the process, we created this memorial video to capture our journey together as a company.

With never-before-seen clips, full-out dance rehearsal videos, and personal interviews from our dancers and staff, this video captures the wonderful year of Ungeographic.


To view "Ungeographic" performers, click here.

To view "Ungeographic" promotional videos, click here.

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