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AEC Staff

The AEC Staff is made up of unique and passionate teachers with different dance and artistic backgrounds. Each lead teacher offers a specialized class and curriculum specifically designed to meet dancers where they are at. All staff members are trained in mental health awareness, "all bodies can dance" philosophy, ED (eating disorder) prevention, and anti-racist/decolonized dance and movement.


Adrianna Eve (She/He/They)

Company Director and Co-Owner.

Adrianna has been choreographing and producing shows professionally for 6 years. They have a Master's degree in philosophy with a concentration in feminist epistemology, dance phenomenology, prison abolitionism, and critical race theory. 


Madison Olson (She/Her)

Competition Director and Co-Owner

Madison has been teaching dance to all ages for over 9 years and currently works as a professional stylist at Modern Salon. Madison runs AEC's competition and recreational programs. She also grew up competing for over 10 years.

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Jazmyne Williams (She/Her)

Lead Teacher

Jazmyne Williams has been choreographing and teaching professionally for around 8 years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Dance with a concentration in performance and choreography. She is trained in African, ballet, contemporary, modern and jazz.


Donya Grissett (She/Her)

Recreational Director, Lead Teacher, and Competition Assistant

Donya Grissett has been teaching professionally for around 5 years. She is trained in numerous styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, West African dance, and acrobatics, with jazz being her favorite style. She has choreographed award-winning routines for various dance competitions throughout the country in the styles of jazz and contemporary. 

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