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The AEC not only recognizes the mental strength it takes to dance but also acknowledges the importance of mental health. Because of this, we prioritize the mental health of our dancers, choreographers, and staff. This comes from Adrianna Eve's philosophy of being in the right mindset for dance.


"Whenever I choreograph pieces, I like to make sure that I am in the right headspace necessary to choreograph movements that display the message I am trying to convey. With my pieces, I am very dedicated to making sure every movement has a purpose and that there are no "fillers" or irrelevant motions that overshadow the true meaning behind the dance. Because of this, I always like to make sure that (like the movements) each one of my thoughts has purpose as well.


It is crucial to a piece that the performer is mentally invested and healthy enough to participate. This is why we advocate for mental health with a no-questions-asked philosophy. For example, we are very clear that if a performer does not 'feel like' attending class one night, they ought not! This is because their energy would be better spent recharging at home than attending a class in an unengaged state." - Adrianna Eve


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