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being inspired and inspiring.

Whether it is with dance, choreography, or art in general, it can be difficult to become and remain inspired. Adrianna Eve speaks on this in a recent interview with the Young Eager Writers Conference:


"For me, I seek out into the world for inspiration. I watch movies, listen to songs, and listen to the stories of strangers or loved ones. Strangely, my biggest inspirations come from experiences and feelings that can't quite be put into words. Indescribable emotions that can be explained through motions, but not words. For me, this is what makes dance so special: it's ability to do exactly what words can't.


To inspire others is all I ask from this life. However, I cannot control who or how I inspire, I can only express what has and continues to inspire me and hope others feel what I do: pure admiration for these pieces and dances that pull at the essence of my heartstrings and open my mind to a word of possibilities and emotions." - Adrianna Eve


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