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The AEC acknowledges and appreciates the unique differences each performer brings to the table. People have different minds and move in different ways, so we want to nourish and encourage each dancer's individuality.


The most important quality our company looks for in a dancer is passion and commitment. One of our goals is to tell stories through movement when words simply aren't enough. It takes very special dancers with creative minds to accomplish such a difficult task, and the AEC is proud to have such incredible individuals who understand this concept very well. 


In each piece we choreograph, we take individual personalities into great consideration. A dancer's mind affects the way they feel the music, the way they move, their overall understanding of the storyline, how that storyline relates to them, the speed and dimensions of their movements, and their relationship to the piece as a whole. With this said, the AEC firmly believes that everyone has a different story and they ought to have the opportunity to express their story as such.


I would like to formally thank all of my incredible dancers. I am continuously inspired by you all and am so happy to have the opportunity to work with you all. You are loved.


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