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community and spirit

At the core of the Adrianna Eve Company is community and spirit.


We prioritize community building above all things at the AEC because we understand that passionate connections portrayed on the stage require strong connections off the stage. This is why for every showcase, concert, or tour, the Adrianna Eve Company has two "Progress Days," a "Kickoff Party," and a "Celebration Get-Together" throughout the year.


Progress days occur twice during the year of production and all performers, choreographers, and staff are invited and encouraged to attend. On these days, all dancers perform their pieces and we give each other positive feedback, show our appreciation, and give our overall understanding of each piece (this includes playing games such as "What does the dance mean?").


Our kickoff party happens at the beginning of each project and works as a "get-to-know-you" event where dancers, choreographers, and staff will play team-building games, eat food, learn about the purpose of the project, and have fun!


Our celebration get-together happens at the end of each project in an attempt to reflect on how far we've come and celebrate what we have achieved not as individuals but as a community. 

We also continuously work to invest in our local Matthews community by collaborating with local dance artists and choreographers as well as donating in our annual food and clothes drives to the Matthews Help Center.


The spirit here at AEC is one like no other. Our community is welcoming, inspiring, and encouraging no matter what. We allow ourselves to be a bit vulnerable, to share our worries and our pride with one another, and overall, to share our love and passion for the art of dance.

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