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20 was an art movement event inspired by the indescribable experiences individuals
may go through in their transition to adulthood. This event was proudly displayed on November 11th, 2018. One of the goals of the event was to express experiences that are not or cannot be described with words alone. The pieces aimed to highlight issues such as verbal abuse, addiction, and feminist liberation, while also incorporating underrated everyday experiences which alter our lives such as leaving people, moving forward, and falling in love. "20" purposefully aspired to include multiple voices and stories within the pieces presented. We strived for inclusion and equality.

Click here to view "20" performers and staff.

the pieces

To view pieces not posted on this website, visit our YouTube channel here!

Act I

Patience // inspired by my complete inability to wait for anything
Outgrown // a struggle for acceptance and a desire for more
I'm Over It // to be done with patriarchal, heteronormative bullsh*t
Of The Way // because relationships don't always end the way we see them ending
Following // dedicated to my lovely friend
Habit // everything in moderation and helping insofar as there is gain
We're Just Friends // love is love is love is love
Vicarious // to be someone other than yourself
Unapologetic // I am here and I am not sorry
UGH // seriously.

Act II

Captive // prison abolition in movement and art
And You // this too shall pass
Stand // a representation of institutional oppression and the requirements of success
(Dis)Ability // deconstructing disabilities and analyzing ableism
Still Your Child // feelings I cannot put into words so I put them into movement and hope for the best
Just Be // verbal abuse is not often identified because it is not physical
Hands // the gray area of sexual abuse should not be ignored
Weight // the ability to distribute the weight of the world onto the shoulders of those who love you and those whom you love
Amsterdam // even if it all fails, you are and will remain quite all right

the photos

the videos

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