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"True movements are not invented, they are discovered."

Isadora Duncan


The Adrianna Eve Company is an award-winning dance company located in Charlotte, NC. One of the main purposes of the AEC is to express unique but universal or particular experiences through artistic movement. The AEC specializes in contemporary, lyrical, and modern but also works in the realms of tap, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet.


Adrianna Eve, the owner, director, and executive choreographer of the Adrianna Eve Company, currently studies philosophy at the graduate level at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her philosophical interests include but are not limited to feminist epistemology, critical race theory, disability studies, prison abolition, and gender and sexuality studies. Her philosophy concentrations greatly influence her work in the art of dance.


The AEC prides itself on being an incredibly open, accepting, inclusive, and encouraging environment for all dancers. Our performers and staff continuously work to support one another and appreciate what each individual person has to offer.




"If it can not be described with words, it shouldn't be."

Adrianna Eve


*Photos below by Nora Alorainy*



While the Adrianna Eve Company specifically works on developing artistic movement experiences, dance showcases, and dance concerts, Adrianna Eve and her company also work with several studios across the East Coast on workshops, competition pieces, and conventions.


Currently, Adrianna Eve is working on her newest dance concert entitled "ungeographic." Inspired by the philosophical book entitled Demonic Grounds by Katherine McKittrick, this concert aims to challenge dominant narratives that govern what can and can not be mapped. It is a common belief that maps are unbiased, objective, and universally understood. However, this is not the case. The notion of geography is more than maps of land and water created by white colonizers hundreds of years ago. Geography is also how people navigate the world around them. It is about how bodies occupy different spaces in different ways. Most importantly, geography is about how people map a certain form of existence worth documenting. In an attempt to capture this unique concept, Adrianna has been working on creating a concert made up of inspiring pieces, each representing the geography of a notion. For information about "Ungeographic," click here!


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